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Wilmore Electronics Co. Inc.
VDC to 120 VAC Sine-wave 500 VA Inverter130
TESSCO SKU: 553900
UPC: 553900
QTY/UOM: 1/each
MFG PART #: 1745-130-120-60-P

Wilmore 1745-130-120-60-P 500-VA DC-to-AC inverter, 120-VAC, sine-wave output. 130 Vdc, 105-145 Vdc input. This is the P version, which designates a plain inverter without front-panel LED status indicators, rear-panel ac-line inlet or rear-panel alarm contacts. Conservatively rated, electrically rugged and highly efficient, the Model 1745 provides a regulated, frequency-stable, 120-Vac sinewave output at up to 500 volt-amperes. Standard versions of the inverter permit operation from 12, 24, 48 or 130-volt station batteries or other widely fluctuating DC sources in ambient temperatures up to 50ºC with only simple convection cooling.brbrThe inverter’s low-distortion sine-wave output makes it particularly well-suited for powering sensitive electronic loads, such as telecommunication and data processing equipment (with or without power-factor-corrected power supplies), as well as loads normally considered difficult for inverters, such as small motors.

Technical Specs